The term “Migraine” has come to be used by people to describe a bad headache. Not all bad headaches are migraines, and not all migraines are bad headaches. The type and cause of the headache must first be determined before proper treatment can be established. Thankfully, there are several headache treatments that may be utilized that relieve symptoms for a variety of headache causes.

Migraine Treatment:

  • Migraines are often “triggered” by things that are different for each individual
  • These triggers can be stress, menstruation, lights, sounds, how well you sleep, and even foods you eat!
  • Keeping a “Headache Diary” can provide important information that will aid in effective treatment
  • Depending on the severity and frequency of migraines there are procedure and medication choices that can either help prevent migraines from occurring as frequently, or relieve the pain once they have started.

After a proper diagnosis of your headache disorder Dr. Bloxham will help you choose an appropriate treatment strategy. His treatment starts by addressing the underlying issues that are “triggering” and/or contributing to your migraine disorder. Often by addressing those issues first the reliance on daily medication can be reduced or even eliminated.

Dr. Bloxham also offers therapeutic BOTOX injections for treatment of migraine and myofascial disorders. Many patients experience a substantial reduction in headache days and severity for months after each treatment!